Thursday, March 13, 2008

Emily came home today!

They got us going with our discharge bright and early this morning and we were out of there by 11 am!!

She still has her tube in and got her first feeding through the machine at home. The HomeCare nurse came by to check to make sure I was comfortable doing everything and to check her prescriptions.

Now we have about a zillion follow-up appointments to make.

But she's home and she took almost an ounce from the bottle so far today too.

I'm glad she's home and glad to be home.

And we would also like to post a big thank you to all of the people who have been so generous upon hearing of Emily's illness. We have been getting dinners provided for us, and lots of gifts to help us through this difficult time. It means so much and we are sincerely appreciative. Thank you all!!!!


Gretchen said...

Yay! I'm so glad Emily is home and that you are all together again. You're amazing, Aimee...I don't know how you do it! I'm keeping her in my prayers...

Jen said...

Welcome home Emily! So happy to hear she is doing so well. She is a rock star just like her Mommy!

xoxo, Jen

The Meunier Family said...

So happy Emily is home:)
Take care,
Jobie and Marley

Rebecca & Nathaniel said...

Yea! So glad she is home now.

Kim said...

So glad you are home - and Emily too! Hope to get to see you one day soon!