Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Emily's progress

I see a little smile!!
We keep the footie hospital sock on her hand to keep her from getting her finger up under the tube and pulling it out.

Now that Emily is home, we have been having ups and downs with the feeding tube. She had been throwing up after many of her feeds, so we tried doing a continuous feed during the day (We already do a continiuous feed at night). That didn't seem to help, so we switched back to feeds every 3 hours so she could have a break in the middle and she was still having trouble. After changing her tube, she seemed to do much better.

She was also having a slight fever and a cough at the same time. The cough was not helping to keep the food down, of course. Her fever is gone, but the cough is still lingering.

We may need to keep adjusting the amount of formula/water she gets for each feed until she can keep every feeding down.

She has been trying each day to drink from her bottle and most days drinks about 1/2 an ounce (the whole day). There have been two days that she drank 2 ounces by mouth, so we're hoping for more days like that!

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