Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Easter Egg Hunt

We ventured out with the whole family to the park in town for the big Easter Egg Hunt. Meme and Pepe were visiting to help us, and we brought the babies out in the Runabout for the first time.

As usual, it was very crowded and the hunt lasted all of 20 seconds. Each kid was limited to 8 eggs and we accidentally picked up 9, so Drew put one back down for a little boy who didn't find any! Aww.

Drew had fun playing games and won some prizes. They had some of the same games as last year and Drew knew even before we arrived that he wanted to play "Plinko". (Mommy likes to watch The Price is Right!) It's a homemade version of the game with balls that fall down a board full of nails and he won a prize ticket for landing in the slot with the flower. Very fun!
And he got to play on the tire swing and slides before we left. Fun day!

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