Sunday, July 12, 2009

Big news on my workshops...

After much preparation and Mark's expertise, a website advertising my workshops on positive discipline techniques is online!

As some of you are aware, I've been presenting these workshops to aftercare programs for the better part of two years and just started doing camps and schools within the last year. A good friend agreed to videotape a workshop so programs could get a peek at the energy I bring when I present.

Although it means Aimee has to spend even more time as primary caregiver while I'm "on the road" on evenings or Saturdays, her support for me has been so important.

The first video on the site shares a humorous story from my childhood about my Mom, the greatest "rule writer" of them all. Giving workshops to teachers upon retirement was an unfulfilled dream of Mom's and I know how proud she'd be if she were able to see me now!

Please check it out!


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Brandi said...

Gee, this is incredible. I am right there with your mom...super proud of you. You are so intelligent and vibrant that you are doing the right thing by spreading these qualities to others.