Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Birthday Portrait Session

Yesterday, I took the babies to Picture People to get their pictures taken for their birthday. It's almost a month away, but they sent me an awesome coupon for a free portrait package. Emily's nurse came with us, they all had good naps and lunch before we left, and they all looked so sweet in their coordinating outfits.

BUT, when we got there, we spent the whole session trying to keep Emily from falling off of the props they had (which are meant to be used with infants of course), and trying to keep Carter and Brenna in the room and out from behind the backdrop. Our photographer was very sweet, but not much help in getting them to "pose".

Here are a few shots:
OK, so this one was pretty cute. But I wanted to get the whole dress.

Uh, Brenna? What are you doing, hmmmmm?
If only you could hear the audio on this one, "No, No, NOOOOOO!"

Well, this one speaks for itself!


Birdy said...

:( The link isn't working, but I bet they are adorable!! Love seeing updated pictures of the 3 little cuties.

The Texas Trio said...

The next session we go for I want to video tape. They are usually VERY comical!

Anonymous said...

Those are too funny! I think we have all been there. That is a tough age to get a good picture and you have to do it times 3! It makes for good memories.

Monte & Wendy said...

They are priceless! Love, MeMe

Sue said...

Looks like one of those "Funny when you look back on it" experiences, and "You had to be there" to really appreciate what it was like. We're looking forward to seeing ALL the photos.
Love, Aunt Sue

Jennifer said...

very cute! the first time I read this, you posted a link but said it wasn't working.. I jsut happened back on it.. I'm glad you posted the pictures!