Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Triplet Trivia Tuesday

Which baby came home from the hospital first?

You all said Brenna, who has recently taken to calling herself "Honey" (more on that in another post). You're all right!

Brenna came home on September 5, 2007 after 19 days in the NICU.

Carter came home on September 9, 2007 after 22 days in the NICU.

Emily came home on October 5, 2007 after 48 days in the NICU.

Thanks for playing! :)


Julie said...

Brenna....Nothing like a little research of cute little babies to start the morning

Anonymous said...

It was Brenna!

Megan G

JMH said...


~RAGS~ said...
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~RAGS~ said...

Brenna Brenna Brenna!!! LOL

Adding my name LOL

Nicole said...


Nancy, Jeff, Connor & Porter said...

Aimee, I loved your last post. People are just so insensitive and just don't understand how hurtful they can be sometimes. It really hit me though that your nurses were so insensitive, and on behalf of nurses I have to apologize. You'd think they of all people would know better!

The favorite response I have heard to "you have your hands full" Was someone who had a shirt that read "You think my hands are full, you should see my heart"! Love that one!

As a mother of a singleton who was conceived via IVF, no one has ever come up to me on the street to ask if I had help conceiving. I can't imagine how intrusive that must feel, and what an invasion of privacy! People just don't get it.