Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Triplet Trivia Tuesday

Well, questions 1 and 2 were about Carter and Brenna, so this week, of course, will be about Emily.

One of Emily's favorite toys is a colorful __________ that she first enjoyed during one of her stays at the hospital. We searched high and low for it, and finally found one for home.

What is it?

Yes, you're right! Emily really loves her Sassy mobile. It has four different music settings, colorful/interchangable hanging toys (some are soft and some are hard and rattle), it rotates and takes short stops so she can focus on it, and it has a remote control! We love it too!


Jennifer said...

a mobile!

Joanne (momma2ethan) said...

It's the mobile. It took forever for you guys to find one that wasn't super expensive but found one eventually on craigslist. :)

Monte & Wendy said...

Mobile! MeMe