Friday, July 24, 2009

Google, Deegle, Honey, and Baby

Brenna's vocabulary has been exploding lately, she is so talkative. Sometimes she babbles so you really can't understand her, but most of the time she says what she means very clearly. The cutest things she's been saying lately are everyone's names. She has been saying Da-Da or Daddy for along time now, as well as Mommy. She has also been saying Doo for Drew for awhile now too. And she always refers to Emily as "Baby". Just recently she started calling Carter, "Google". I have no idea where this came from, but she definitely means Carter when she says it. She will bring him his hat, and say "Google? Hat?" - as in "Carter, do you want your hat?" So CUTE!!! Shortly after starting with "Google", it turned into "Deegle". So even more recently that has been his name. We had been trying to get her to say Carter by having her repeat Car and then Ter and then Carter, but she would give a sheepish grin, and refuse to say it. Funny!

Just as we decided to get this "Google/Deegle" thing on video, she finally caught on and has been calling him Carter! It's still cute though because she really hangs on her R's and puts a slight pause in between syllables when she says, "Carr - Terr". Love it!! She can also say "Em" now, and sometimes even Emily.

As for herself, she had not been able to say Brenna, and I guess because I say it so often, she started referring to herself as "Honey". She'd say things like, "Honey's shoes", or "Honey's book". Adorable! We started getting her to repeat Brenna just recently, and now she can say that too.

As for Carter, I mentioned a few posts back that we were having his speech evaluated. He had no where near the number of words Brenna had a month ago, he was not repeating words, and was becoming VERY frustrated when he wanted to tell us something, ask for help, etc. We taught him the sign for "more" to help at the table, and his vocab was less than 10 words, including Da-Da (but not Mommy), Doo for Drew, shoe, choo-choo, uh-oh, and bye. He could only do one animal sound for doggy and didn't name many objects at all. At his early intervention evaluation, he scored well below his age for speech and they suggested getting him started with a developmental interventionist, or teacher, rather than a speech therapist. They thought his speech was more of a minor delay and not something more significant. So we agreed, of course, to start therapy for him once a week. It takes a few weeks to get started and in the time we have been waiting to begin, he has been talking up a storm!!! The first noticable change was when he said "Mommy" for the first time about 2 weeks ago! :) I was so proud, and his voice is like a little whisper, so sweet you could just cry. He is also repeating words, naming toys, like ball and book. And the funniest thing is that he has now started calling Brenna, "Google"!!! He has been saying Daddy, Doo, and Baby for a bit now, and then Mommy, but he never called Brenna anything. Just in the last week though, he's been coming out with "Google", all the time. So funny! He had his first therapy session this week, and his teacher seemed to think she wouldn't need to work with him for very long! Good job buddy!

He can also now say "Em" for Emily, and it is just the sweetest thing, if they hear her crying they will both stop and say, "Is Ok, Em!" And just today we were watching Baby Einstein's Baby's First Moves DVD (one I don't think we'd ever watched before), and they were sitting on either side of me on the couch saying "Baby Em", "Baby Em" when the babies came on the screen. Brenna would say it, then Carter, then Brenna, like ping-pong!

Emily has been smiling and even laughing more lately, but still no words, or even sounds. She had been blowing raspberries a while back, but not recently.


Adam and Andrew said...

WOW, look how grown up the are getting! Especially Carter with all that hair. What a beautiful trio you have!

Monte & Wendy said...

we can't wait to see them all in person!! Hugs and Kisses MeMe and PePe

Marie said...

Aimee, I love seeing your pictures and reading your stories. You have such beautiful children and they are all so sweet.

I was sharing the pictures with Grace and she so excited to see them. She knows that Emily is on the same diet she is on so I guess she relates to her! She made everyone come and see 'the baby'.

Thanks for sharing!!! Marie

Kim said...

Your EI story was so funny to me. We were worried about Justin when he first turned two. I was actually worried before that, but waited until is 2-yr old appt. to bring it up. By the time they called us back, did the phone interview, and we got an appt. he decided to talk more and more each day! I think the phone call scared him into talking! lol Only a few months later we are wondering why we were ever worried!

Cannot believe how big they are getting!

Julia said...

wow, they are so big!! how great that is that they are communicating with each other.

I am doing a blog post about prayer and i wanted to include a link to your blog for others to pray for Emily. I hope you don't mind.