Thursday, July 2, 2009

First Family Camping Trip!

Last fall, we bought a pop-up camper so that we could take a family camping trip. Of course, we had to wait until the summer due to school, work, and the weather, but we finally picked a weekend and went for it!!!
Gee-off made many lists and so we spent all week preparing to go, packing everything we would need and more. Of course with all of Emily's equipment plus the regular items we needed to pack for each of us, plus all of the actual bodies we had to fit in the van to get there, it had to be well thought out and carefully packed. Surprisingly, we didn't forget anything!
We went to Ocean View Resort Campground in Ocean View so Grandmom and Grandpop could spend the day with us on Saturday and so they'd be close by if we needed help. Luckily, they only needed to come for fun! Though it was pretty necessary to have the extra hands at the pool.
We arrived around dinner time Friday night, and immediately set up the playard with multiple extensions on the site so Carter and Brenna could play without running away! Drew played in there too, though we could also let him roam a bit which he enjoyed. We got everything unloaded, had a quick dinner and went for a walk around the campground. We got Carter and Brenna to bed around 9:30pm and at first they were crying, but soon they were laughing and playing and eventually fell asleep around 10:30!!! The air conditioner in the pop up made great white noise so we were able to go in and out without waking them up later too. Drew stayed up for our first campfire and roasted his first marshmallows.
On Saturday, the babies woke us up around 6:15am (thank you sunshine!) and we got going for the day by 7 or so. Gee-off had brought along the griddle and made bacon, sausage, and eggs, for breakfast. Yum! The little ones had Pop Tarts and bagels. :) We played at the site until Grandmom and Grandpop arrived. Then we went to the pool, had lunch, and all the kids took nice looooong naps while the grown ups played cards. We went to the game room and then we had pizza with Grandmom and went to play at the lake playground. Drew and I went for a ride on the tram and had ice cream. And we spent another late night by the campfire.
Sunday morning we got up and got to packing up right away. We really had fun, and although it was a lot of work, we plan to go probably 2 more times before the summer is over.
I apologize for these pictures being so out of order, but for some reason I can't reaarrange them like I usually do. (These are mostly in backwards order - from Saturday evening and back to Friday night)

Daddy and Emily (LOVE this pic!!)




Drew 2

Skee Ball!!!!!

The shock of the trip - Brenna HATED this train ride, and Carter liked it!

Saturday nap time
(Brenna and Drew slept from 12:45 - 4PM, and Carted slept until 5PM!!)

Practicing with the new camera :)
Frito . . .

. . . meet Gee-off!

Grandmom and Mr. Blue Eyes

Mommy and Brenna

I told her this was a "princess chair" so I could get her to stay still for a second. Notice she's still moving!

Drew getting chilly

Carter - splashing in the baby pool

Our site (I got a few pics of the camper - but they're on the other camera!)

Friday night campfire

Emily says, "I love camping!!"


Sandy said...

Great pics! It looks like sooo much fun!!! That play yard was such a great idea to bring!

Rachel said...

Looks like fun! Great pictures on the new camera!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Everyone! It looks like you had a ball!! Great pix!! Wish we could have been there.
Hugs and Kisses MM

Hope said...

Looks like you has lots of fun. I love seeing Emily smiling, so sweet!

Nicole said...

WOO HOO Campers!!! Way to go!

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Adam and Andrew said...

Looks like fun! I love all the pics, especially the ones of Emily!